The right insurance coverage for a condo owner depends greatly on the requirements within the condo association’s by laws and agreements. These documents usually spell out what your requirements are as the condo owner. Some of the key types of coverage include:

  • Liability Protection – can help protect you if you are found negligent in injuring someone else or causing damage to property owned by others. This coverage protects you at your condo and while away from home.


  • Medical Coverage – pays for injuries of others that occurs on your property.


  • Building Coverage – covers those elements of the building that is your responsibility to insure such as carpeting, window treatments and patio doors.


  • Personal Property – coverage for the items you personally own such as clothing, furniture, electronic equipment and more.


  • Additional Living Expense – if there is damage to the condo that prevents you from staying there, this coverage will help pay for your temporary living expense.


  • Loss Assessment Coverage – some condo associations can assess a charge to the individual condo owners for damage to common areas that exceeds the condo association’s insurance limits.